Xóm Bắc Cầu is a non-profit and member-driven organisation born in 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It defines as a participatory and collaborative garden: a place of friendliness, exchange and sharing.

Our main concerns are sustainable development and animation of the territory. In this community garden we hope to bring together several projects - ecological, social, artistic - which will all be linked by our ethos and passion for living well together.

01 / Governance

Our governance is organized around volunteering, professionals and artists involved on several levels on the site: organization of workshops and events, eco-responsible communication and valorization of short circuits at all scales of consumption. Our several partners anchored on our territory are mobilized to innovate by using the natural potential of soils, by promoting biodiversity, by placing the living and well-being at the heart of all practices. And using ecosystem resources to save water, energy and limit non-renewable inputs. It is also about taking advantage of new technologies, trying new agronomic routes or revisiting old practices.

02 / Vision 

Bring the artists (the one that secretly lurks inside of us all) to create an ideal environment for everyone to live and learn with pleasure, in an atmosphere of peace.

03 / Mission statment

To help those who want to make the ecological and energetic transition to simple living  through food self-production, cultural & artistic development : improved well being through nutrition of body and mind.

04 / Core values

To generate between several projects entities - ecological, social, artistic - a dynamic initiative based on common values:

- Equity of abilities and needs

- Sharing, simplicity and co-operation

- Make the ecological and energetic transition to simple living

05 / Objectives

To promote the exchange of experiences, knowledges, techniques and desires

To respect natural rhythm and peculiarity in order to reach autonomy and fulfillment

To raise awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle

To protect the Nature by promoting permaculture

💖 / Crew


Cam - Site management / Lan - Site management / Francesco - Founder, Architect & General Manager / Emilie - Founder, Artist & Administrator / Dung - Founder & Artist / Jérémie - Chef & Artist

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